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Revision date: October 16, 2014.

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Electrochemical data
B.E. Conway, Elsevier, Amsterdam 1952.
Reprinted: Greenwood Press, Westport 1969.

Modern electroplating
A.G. Gray (Ed), Chapman-Hall, London, and Wiley, New York 1953.

Handbook of electrochemical constants
R. Parsons, Butterworths, London, Academic Press, NY 1959.

Oxidation-reduction potentials of organic systems
W.M. Clark, Williams and Wilkins, Baltimore, MD 1960.

Modern electroplating (2nd ed)
F.A. Lowenheim (Ed), Wiley, New York 1963.

Reference electrodes, theory and practice
D.J.G. Ives and G.J. Janz (Ed), Academic Press, NY 1961.
Reprinted: NACE International, Houston, TX 1996.

Atlas of electrochemical equilibria
M. Pourbaix, Pergamon Press, NY 1966.

Molten salt handbook
G.J. Janz, Academic Press, NY 1967.

Theoretical mean activity coefficients of strong electrolytes in aqueous solutions from 0 to 100 degree C (National Bureau of Standards. National standard reference data series NSRDS-NBS-24)
W.J. Hamer, U.S. Govt. Print. Off., Washington, DC 1968.

Selected constants: oxidation-reduction potentials of inorganic substances in aqueous solution
G. Charlot, A. Collumeau, and J.C. Marchon, Butterworths, London 1971.

Nonaqueous electrolytes handbook (2 volumes)
J.G. Janz and R.P.T. Tomkins, Academic Press, NY 1972-73.

Specific energies of galvanic reactions, and related thermodynamic data
J.G. Gibson and J.L. Sudworth, Chapman Hall, London 1973.

Encyclopedia of electrochemistry of the elements (15 volumes)
A.J. Bard (Ed), Marcel Dekker, NY 1973-1986.

Modern electroplating (3rd ed)
F.A. Lowenheim (Ed), Wiley, New York 1974.

Electrochemical data (Vol. 1, Pt. A): organic, organometallic, and biochemical substances
L. Meites, P. Zuman, W.J. Scott, B.H. Campbell, and A.M. Kardos, Wiley, NY 1974.

Atlas of electrochemical equilibria in aqueous solutions (2nd ed)
M.J.N. Pourbaix, National Association of Corrosion Engineers, Houston 1974.

Electrochemical data: a handbook for electrochemists in industry and universities
D. Dobos, Elsevier, NY 1975.

Electroplaters' process control handbook (2nd ed)
D.G. Foulke (Ed), Krieger, Huntington, NY 1975.

Kinetic parameters of electrode reactions of metallic compounds
R. Tamamushi, Butterworths, London 1975.

CRC handbook series in organic electrochemistry (6 volumes)
L. Meites and P. Zuman, CRC Press, Boca Raton, FL 1977-1983.

Activity coefficients in electrolyte solutions (2 volumes)
R.M. Pytkowicz (Ed), CRC Press, Boca Raton, FL 1979.

Tables of standard electrode potentials
G. Milazzo and S. Caroli, Wiley, NY 1978.

CRC handbook series in inorganic electrochemistry (8 volumes)
L. Meites, P. Zuman, et al., CRC Press, Boca Raton, FL 1980-1988.

Bibliography of electro-organic syntheses, 1801-1975
S. Swann and R. Alkire, The Electrochemical Society, Princeton, NJ 1980.

CRC handbook of electrophoresis (4 volumes)
L.A. Lewis and J.J. Opplt (Ed), CRC, Boca Raton, FL 1980-1983.

The encyclopedia of chemical electrode potentials
M.S. Antelman and F.J. Harris, Plenum Press, NY 1982.

The Canning handbook of electroplating (23rd ed)
Canning, Birmingham, UK and Spon, NY 1982.

Electroplating engineering handbook (4th ed)
L.J. Durney (Ed), Van Nostrand Reinhold, NY 1984.

Handbook of batteries and fuel cells
D. Linden (Ed), McGraw-Hill, New York 1984.

Handbook of aqueous electrolyte solutions: physical properties, estimation, and correlation methods
A.L. Horvath, Ellis Horwood, Chichester, UK, and Halsted Press, NY 1985.

Electrochemical synthesis of inorganic compounds, a bibliography
Z. Nagy, Plenum Press, NY 1985.

Standard potentials in aqueous solutions
A.J. Bard, R. Parsosns, and J. Jordan (Ed), Marcell Dekker, NY 1985.

Handbook of aqueous electrolyte thermodynamics: theory and applications
J.F. Zemaitis, D.M. Clark, M. Rafal, and N.C. Scrivner, Design Institute for Physical Property Data (for the American Institute of Chemical Engineers) NY 1986.

Handbook of conducting polymers (2 volumes)
T.A. Skotheim (Ed), Marcel Dekker, NY 1986.

Thermodynamic and transport properties for molten salts: correlation equations for critically evaluated density, surface tension, electrical conductance, and viscosity data
G.J. Janz, American Chemical Society, Issued as Supplement No. 2 to Vol. 17 (1988) of Journal of Physical and Chemical Reference Data.

Fuel cell handbook
A.J. Appleby and F.R. Foulkes, Van Nostrand Reinhold, NY 1989.
Reprinted: Krieger, Malabar, FL 1993.

Handbook of electrolyte solutions (2 volumes, Part A and Part B)
V.M.M. Lobo, Elsevier, NY 1989.

CRC handbook of ion-selective electrodes: selectivity coefficients
Y. Umezawa (Ed), CRC Press, Boca Raton, FL 1990.

Activity coefficients in electrolyte solutions (2nd ed)
K.S. Pitzer (Ed), CRC Press, Boca Raton, FL 1991.

Properties of aqueous solutions of electrolytes
I.D. Zaytsev and G.G. Aseyev (Ed), CRC Press, Boca Raton, FL 1992.

Handbook of batteries (2nd ed)
D. Linden (Ed), McGraw-Hill, New York 1995.

CRC handbook of solid state electrochemistry
P.J. Gellings and H.J.M. Bouwmeester (Ed), CRC, Boca Raton, FL 1997.

Handbook of organic conductive molecules and polymers (4 volumes)
Vol. 1: Charge-transfer salts, fullerenes and photoconductors
Vol. 2: Conductive polymers: synthesis and electrical properties
Vol. 3: Conductive polymers: spectroscopy and physical properties
Vol. 4: Conductive polymers: transport, photophysics and applications
H.S. Nalwa (Ed), Wiley, NY 1997.

Handbook of cathodic corrosion protection: theory and practice of electrochemical protection processes (3rd ed)
W. von Baeckmann, W. Schwenk, and W. Prinz (Ed), Gulf, Houston, TX 1997.

Handbook of conducting polymers (2nd ed)
T.A. Skotheim, R.L. Elsenbaumer, and J.R. Reynolds (Ed), Marcel Dekker, NY 1998.

Battery reference book (3rd ed)
T.R. Crompton, Newnes, Oxford 2000.

Uhlig's corrosion handbook (2nd ed)
R.W. Revie (Ed), Wiley, NY 2000.

Modern electroplating (4th ed)
M. Schlesinger and M. Paunovic (Ed), Wiley, NY 2000.

Handbook of batteries (3rd ed)
D. Linden and T.B. Reddy (Ed), McGraw-Hill, NY 2001.

Encyclopedia of electrochemistry (11 volumes)
A.J. Bard and M. Stratmann (Series ed), Wiley-VCH, Weinheim, 2002-2007.
Vol. 1: Thermodynamics and electrified interfaces, Edited by E. Gileadi and M. Urbakh, 2002.
Vol. 2: Interfacial kinetics and mass transport, Edited by E.J. Calvo, 2003.
Vol. 3: Instrumentation and electroanalytical chemistry, Edited by P.R. Unwin, 2003.
Vol. 4: Corrosion and oxide films, Edited by M. Stratmann and G.S. Frankel, 2003.
Vol. 5: Electrochemical engineering, Edited by D.D. Macdonald and P. Schmuki, 2007.
Vol. 6: Semiconductor electrodes and photoelectrochemistry, Edited by S. Licht, 2002.
Vol. 7: Inorganic electrochemistry (two volumes: 7a and 7b) Edited by F. Scholz and C.J. Pickett, 2006.
Vol. 8: Organic electrochemistry, Edited by H.J. Schafer, 2004.
Vol. 9: Bioelectrochemistry, Edited by G.S. Wilson, 2002.
Vol. 10: Modified electrodes, Edited by M. Fujihira, I. Rubinstein, and J.F. Rusling, 2007.
Vol. 11: Index, 2007.

Handbook of fuel cells: fundamentals, technology, applications (6 volumes)
Vol. 1: Fundamentals and syurvey of systems
Vol. 2: Electrocatalysis
Vol. 3: Fuel cell technology and applications, part 1
Vol. 4: Fuel cell technology and applications, part 2
Vol. 5-6: Advances in electrocatalysis, materials, diagnostics and durability
W. Vielstich, A. Lamm, H. Gasteiger, and H. Yokokawa (Ed), Wiley, Chichester, UK 2003-2009.

Battery technology handbook (2nd ed)
H.A. Kiehne (Ed), Dekker, New York 2003.

Handbook of chlor-alkali technology (5 volumes)
Vol.1: Fundamentals
Vol. 2: Brine treatment and cell operation
Vol. 3: Facility design and product handling
Vol. 4: Operations
Vol. 5: Corrosion, environmental issues, and future developments
T.F. O'Brien, T.V. Bommaraju, and F. Hine, Springer, New York 2005.

Handbook of conducting polymers (3rd ed)
T.A. Skotheim and J.R. Reynolds (Ed), CRC, Boca Raton, FL 2007.

Handbook of electrochemistry
C.G. Zoski (Ed), Elsevier, Boston 2007.

Electrochemical dictionary
A.J. Bard, G. Inzelt, and F. Scholz (Ed), Springer, Berlin 2008.

Encyclopedia of electrochemical power sources, Vol. 1-5
J. Garche, C.K. Dyer, P.T. Moseley, Z. Ogumi, D.A.J. Rand, and B. Scrosati (Ed), Academic, Amsterdam 2009.

Handbook of electrochemical nanotechnology
Vol. 1: Nanomaterials, Vol. 2: Applications
Y. Lin and H.S. Nalwa (Ed), American Scientific, Stevenson Ranch, CA 2009.

Modern electroplating (5th ed)
M. Schlesinger and M. Paunovic (Ed), Wiley, New York 2010.

Handbook of battery materials, Vol. 1-2 (2nd ed)
C. Daniel and J.O. Besenhard (Ed), Wiley-VCH, Weinheim 2011.

Linden's handbook of batteries (4th ed)
T.B. Reddy and D. Linden (Ed), McGraw-Hill, New York 2011.

Uhlig's corrosion handbook (3rd ed)
R.W. Revie (Ed), Wiley, New York 2011.

Electrochemical dictionary (2nd ed)
A.J. Bard, G. Inzelt, and F. Scholz (Ed), Springer, Berlin 2012.

Handbook of reference electrodes
G. Inzelt, A. Lewenstam, and F. Scholz (Ed), Springer, New York 2013.

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