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This site contains popular-science style articles describing many aspects of electrochemistry, electroanalytical chemistry, electrochemical engineering, and electrochemical technology, written by international experts in the field. It is crosslinked with the ELECTROCHEMISTRY DICTIONARY for definitions. New articles are added at irregular intervals, and all articles are periodically updated as recent developments occur in the field. (

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An introduction - what is electrochemistry?
Zoltan Nagy
Robert S Alwitt
Archaeological metal artifact reduction/cleaning by electrolysis
Donny L. Hamilton
Atomic layer deposition by electrochemistry
John L. Stickney
Brine electrolysis
Tilak V. Bommaraju, Paul J. Orosz, and Elizabeth A. Sokol
Cathodic and anodic corrosion protection
Robert Heidersbach
Conducting polymers and their electrochemistry
Gy�rgy Inzelt
Corrosion inhibition
Norman Hackerman
Current density distribution in electrochemical cells
Konstantin I. Popov, Miomir G. Pavlovic, and Predrag M. Zivkovic
William D. Brown, Dennis Hess, Vimal Desai, and M. Jamal Deen
Electric fish, electric organ discharges, and electroreception
Theodore H. Bullock
Electroactive polymers
Yoseph Bar-Cohen
Electrochemical blood glucose test strips for people with diabetes
Ben Feldman
Electrochemical capacitors
Brian E. Conway
Electrochemical engineering
Richard C. Alkire and Thomas W. Chapman
Electrochemical machining
Joseph McGeough
Electrochemical nose
Joseph R. Stetter and William R. Penrose
Electrochemical processing of space resources
Rudolf Keller
Electrochemical sensors
Jiri Janata
(The) Electrochemical Society: The First Hundred Years, 1902 - 2002
Mary Yess
Electrochemical uses of carbon
Kim Kinoshita
Electrochemistry for K-12: the potato clock and beyond
Ann Abraham, Attila Palencsar, and Daniel Scherson
Electrochemistry for the non-electrochemist
(an appendix to the article on Electroanalytical Chemistry)
Peter T. Kissinger and Adrian W. Bott
Electrochemistry of corrosion
Jerome Kruger
Electrochemistry of plant life
Alexander G. Volkov and Courtney L. Brown
Electroless deposition
Eugene J. O�Sullivan
Electrolytic capacitors
Sam Parler
Electrolytic production of aluminum
Theodore R. Beck
Mordechay Schlesinger
Environmental electrochemistry
Jorge G. Ibanez
Extracting metals from sulfide ores
Ronald Woods
Flow batteries
Robert F. Savinell
Fuel cells
Vladimir S. Bagotsky
Industrial organic electrosynthesis
Norman L. Weinberg
Jaroslav Heyrovsky and polarography
Michael Heyrovsky
Magnetic effects in electrochemistry
Thomas Z. Fahidy
Metal powder production by electrolysis
Miomir G. Pavlovic and Konstantin I. Popov
Micro fuel cells
Mikayla Smith and Robert F. Savinell
(Walther) Nernst: physicist and chemist with great vision
Rudolf P. Huebener
Nonrechargeable batteries
Brooke Schumm
Photoelectrochemistry of semiconductors
N. C. Strandwitz, J. Good, and N. S. Lewis
Pillars of modern electrochemistry: a brief history
Ashok K. Shukla and T. Prem Kumar
Proton exchange membrane or polymer electrolyte membrane (PEM) fuel cells
Ryan Baker and Jiujun Zhang
Scanning electrochemical microscopy (SECM)
Francois Laforge
Solid oxide fuel cells
Subhash C. Singhal
The past, present, and future of electroanalytical chemistry
Peter T. Kissinger
(Julius) Tafel - his life and science
Klaus Muller
Volta and the "Pile"
Franco Decker

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